Town Talk Article 7-19-08

Wow….I am completely blown away by the article in the Town Talk this morning.  It appears that the TT was just trying to fill space and either cut this article down quite a bit, or just threw out a couple random tidbits in this house moving saga.  I am completely disappointed that there were not any preservation facts contained in it and, further, they have the President of the HPC as commenting that this whole thing is a “non-issue”.  And that is who is leading the way for preservation in our city.  Thanks a lot.  (For the whole story, read from the bottom of the blog up.  I also posted links to the other side of the story)

Part of the HPC’s function within the City of Alexandria is advocating for and helping blighted neighborhoods.  Not, helping or allowing people to buy our historic buildings and move them outside of the city limits.  By recent survey, over 80% of our historic buildings in Alexandria are now gone.  When are we going to wake up?

I am totally disgusted.  I am going to go have some coffee and write some more letters.  😀

Andrea Warren


One thought on “Town Talk Article 7-19-08

  1. The TT and others perhaps think it is much -a -do -about -nothing.
    That is why we have so few original buildings and homes intact in the City limits. Lack of concern at all levels.Plus everyone wants it to be a non-issue.
    Thats sad to say the least.

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