What needs to be done?

I am quite curious.  I received a lot of comments from people saying that Monroe Street is a blighted area, blah blah, they would not live here blah blah and it will never see an urban renewal and something needs to happen.  So then, what is your plan?  Tell me about it.  I would love to hear it.  It seems like over the last 20 years or so the general consensus has been to stand around and say something needs to be done but no one has stood up to do anything yet.  I am not from here.  I am from New Orleans.  I have lived in Alexandria less than two years.  We advocate for our neighborhoods and try to protect and preserve what we have left.  So, all of the ones out there who think I am crazy, what is your plan of action?  To let the neighborhood rot?  Ignoring it and moving on is better?  Is that a better plan than what I am trying to do?  Just curious.  I just wonder why I have received negative attention for trying to do something positive in a blighted area.

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