To say Goodbye or not?

I tend to have a lot of unrelated ramblings so I decided to garner them all on to this page.  Even if it is solely for the purpose of getting the thoughts out of my brain and onto the screen so they won’t rattle around in my head and keep me up all night thinking about them.  I guess the other good thing about posting them here is someone might possibly come up with some of the answers to the “Things that make me go hmm?” So, without further ado, here we go:

In movies, when people talk on the phone, why don’t they ever say “goodbye” or even “bye”?  When they are done talking on the phone, they just hang it up.  It always makes me sit and wonder, is the person on the other line still sitting their talking to themself?  What indication did they get that that person was going to hang up the phone?  Is it in your tone?  Do you just simply hang up the phone when you are done?  Isn’t that kind of rude?  You see, I am a bit of a blonde.  When it comes to phone etiquette, I talk to the person until they indicate they want to get off, that is usually by a ‘well, it was nice talking to you…yada…yada…goodbye.’  I would probably sit there and talk to myself for an hour after someone hung up just simply because I did not hear that one little word — Goodbye.  I guess, if you have the benefit of a movie transcript, you know what is coming and you know when the call is going end.  So, if you are an actor, goodbye is not necessary.  However, in real life, I don’t have a transcript and sometimes cannot gauge when a call is going to end.  I MUST have that “bye” from the other party before I feel good about hanging up the phone.  Is “goodbye” a southern thing?  Or is it a manners issue?  Do the movie companies think they will save 5 seconds of footage for something more interesting by cutting out both parties saying “goodbye” to each other?  This is something I just can’t figure out.  Does anyone have an answer?   Do you say “goodbye” when you end your calls?

One thought on “To say Goodbye or not?

  1. Saying “Love you, bye” is such a habit with me, because the only people I talk to these days on the phone are usually my family, the odd time I do talk with someone else, I have found myself saying “love you, bye.” Guess I made the tech at Direct TV happy!

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