Trailways Bus Building to Take on New Life

I heard that the environmental studies came back favorable for the American Red Cross and that they were going to be able to move forward soon and rehabilitate the old bus building on Bolton Avenue.  At long last that news is confirmed.  In today’s Legal Recorder it is noted that Gene Sanders sold the building located at 425 Bolton Avenue to the American Red Cross.  YAY!  I am very excited.  This will bring a new face to the area of town where I live.  Not only is the American Red Cross saving a historic building by relocating their headquarters, they are also breathing life into an area that badly needs it.

The best thing about the whole deal is, I believe that most of the money/labor for the project is being donated or allocated from other funds than the American Red Cross’.  Also, the Historic Preservation Commission worked with the American Red Cross to obtain grants to pay for the environmental studies.  Good job to all!

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