Historic Property Spotlight: Thompson-Hargis House


Today, I would like to spotlight the Thompson-Hargis house.  In 2007, the Louisiana Trust listed it as one of the “10 Most Endangered” properties in Louisiana.  At present, it is not inhabited and its large porch and  historic rooms remain empty.  This home is still owned by the Hargis family and it is unclear as to why no one occupies the home or why it has not been donated or sold to someone with an interest in its upkeep.

This beautiful mansion rivals the best on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans.  Built in 1902, this home is probably the greatest example of the Greek Revival style in Alexandria.  Many in Alexandria don’t even realize that it exists.  For the ones who are familiar with the Cook Home on Florence Avenue (A large red brick Queen Anne Victorian on the corner of Florence Avenue and Monroe Street), this house sits directly to the right.  If you get a chance, drive by and take a look.  I am not sure how many more years this house will stand due to neglect, so enjoy Alexandria’s architecture while you still have it.


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