Gustav and Cenla

The Demo Dumpster

The Demo Dumpster

Well, instead of working on the long list of house projects, I am sitting indoors, watching the weather and hoping that the two very old pecan trees that are in very close proximity to my bedroom, do not collapse on my house!  We had the above dumpster delivered so we could start demo on the house this weekend and take advantage of the extra Labor Day holiday.  We may end up needing it for clean up after the storm!  I got some of the things on my “honey-do” list done.  It wasn’t very hard to talk three very bored men into doing misc. house work.  My family is here from New Orleans.  My mom, dad, sister, brother and their dog.  I have to say, I am glad that I live in a much larger house now than when I did during Katrina.  I lived in approximately 800 square feet during Katrina.  I had seven people in 800 square feet and one and a half baths.  It was interesting… say the least. 

Now, I feel much safer.  My house is five feet above the ground, on piers, and since it has survived the past 100 years, I have much confidence that it will survive this storm (unless our pecan trees feel otherwise).

Right now it is very windy and rainy.  I had to bring in the dog a couple hours ago because the poor thing was getting drenched with the wind blowing the rain at such a horizontal angle.  We still have power and internet (obviously), but the forecasters expect Gustav to reach Cenla at about 8 pm (in less than two hours) and stay until 3am.  It should decrease to a tropical storm sometime in the next few hours.  Although that is better than hurricane strength, a tropical storm is nothing to laugh at.  I like it when the worst of the storm happens during the night hours.  That way most of us can sleep through it (if you can) and not sit around and worry about it. 

Removing the rail

Removing the rail


The above picture is my dad and husband preparing for the hurricane.  They took down the half-rotted porch rail and trimmed all of the trees back from the house.  Both projects are about two years overdue so, I guess there is a silver lining in this cloud. 

Well, back to the news.  Bobby Jindal is giving a press conference.  I really do appreciate that Gov. Jindal stayed behind to take care of the state instead of heading up to the Republican Convention.  I also appreciate the way he relays information.  Go Gov!

Well, if the internet holds, I might be back later, probably more out of boredom rather than reporting anything exciting.  For exciting news, head over to:


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