One Pecan Down…

No sooner did I hit “enter” on that last post did one of the pecans come tumbling down.  It took out my car and my brother’s truck.  Luckily, we had that large dumpster in the backyard and it took most of the brunt.  If it would not have been there, my dad’s Blazer would have been flattened too.  Here are the very fuzzy pics.  I guess I am really not surprised.  I hate it though.  I am going to have to fill out numerous forms with the insurance company and hope that I do not owe more than my payoff.  How fun.   My last car was also totaled by a tree.  I guess when it is all done we will have to break out the chainsaws. 

This pecan is still holding.  It dropped a limb and took out my phone lines and is swaying, but, so far, it is holding.

Tree down

Tree down

Pics of the tree down.

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