Gustav Clean Up in Alexandria Louisiana

Well, we chopped up the “beast” tree that completely covered my back yard.  It is good to have family members who own chainsaws.  All ya have to do is make one call and you have three people show up with chainsaws!  Boys and their toys.  Thanks Pops, Mom-in-law and Tay tay!  Here are the pictures from yesterday.  It took us all day to chop up the “beast” and haul it out by the road.

Clearing away the tree
Clearing away the tree
Right now the sun is shining.  Probably the first time in 3-4 days.  It is a welcome change from the dark gray clouds that have been looming and dumping rain on Cenla.  We experienced some flooding earlier this morning and a lot of the underpasses around I-49 and downtown still have a lot of standing water.  We got about ten inches of rain or so from Gustav, and another 4-5 inches from the residual rain clouds that are passing through.  According to News Channel Five, there is nowhere for the rain water to go.  The ground is too wet to absorb it and some of our drains are clogged with debris.  Mayor Jacques Roy ordered that all non-essential businesses not open today.  That order is in effect until further notice.  Non-essential has been described as: department stores, banks, law offices, salons, etc.  Essential businesses are: emergency services, hardware stores, drug stores, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, etc.  Also, Rapides Parish schools will be closed until Monday, September 8th.
Right now, News Channel Five is showing pictures of flooding in the area, those pictures include flooding of the Garden District, Elliott Street, Lower Third Street, some downtown areas and some areas in Pineville. 
Well, gotta go, two men in my house are bored and want to work on some of our “home improvement” projects.   I gotta go “supervise”  😀  So far, we are all safe and have made it through safe.  Maybe minus a car or two, but overall, we fared well.

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