Pub Night a Success!

Finnegan's Wake


The Historical Association of Central Louisiana, last night, hosted Pub Night at Finnegan’s Wake.  Even though the weather was bleak, the turnout for this downtown event was high.  Upon walking through the front door, you are immediately transported back to a gentler time.  I felt that instead of seeing modern conveniences, I should have seen gentlemen in top hats.

Noelle and Shannon Nolan, co-owners of the pub, mingled with the crowd and shared the highs and lows of their time renovating the beautiful building on Third Street.  The inspiration came from one of Shannon Nolan’s trips to England.  He visited a historic and well outfitted Irish pub and decided to come back home to Louisiana and try it out.  The result is the charming pub located at 812 Third Street named Finnegan’s Wake.  Shannon Nolan and Galen Bohannon (co-owners of the pub) both painstakingly restored this building with as many architectural materials that were still present in the building.  The other architectural details you see at the pub are architectural salvage finds from some of Shannon Nolan’s favorite vendors.  My favorite part of the pub is the beautiful set of windows that adorn the entrance of the building from floor to ceiling.  In the afternoon, the sunlight filters in filling the pub with a cozy glow.  My second favorite part is the gothic style church pews that line the back walls, and you must, must, must go check out the bathroom!  The bathroom is another piece of art all by itself as the fixtures, wood work and authentic wallpaper are a beautiful blend of tasteful style and history.  Many of the building’s light fixtures were restored and are used in the pub.

Jock Scott, a well known Central Louisianan, brought his recent work for purchase, the biography of his Aunt, a well known entrepreneur and businesswoman of the early 20th century.  Mr. Jock graciously signed his book and chatted with any historian interested in further details of his family’s history. While the Nolans enjoyed the company, Galen Bohannon happily served as bartender behind the counter.

If you did not come, we missed you!  If you did come, thanks for stopping by!  See ya next time.


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