Yay! New Furniture!

Yay!  My mother-in-law and father-in-law (Kathy and Danny) brought down the bedroom set that Steven’s aunt sold us.  She sold her bed and breakfast and needed to get rid of some extra furniture since she was downsizing to a two bedroom apartment.  Steven was going to go up to Natchitoches (an hour away) to meet them and help take it apart and pack it onto a trailer.  Kathy and Danny, who are retired, said they could handle taking it down and bringing it to us.  No prob for me!  On the way out of the house, Kathy fell down the steps and thought she broke her ankle.  She is OK!  Thank goodness!  I felt terrible and knew that we should have went up there to help them.

We received a call early this morning, they were on their way to deliver the bedroom set and Kathy only had a sprained ankle…not broken!  Thank God.  They arrived and the bedroom set was more beautiful than I remembered.  I am glad we decided to keep it in our room and put our stuff in the spare bedroom.  The bedroom set is heavily carved.  It is not exactly Eastlake, it is more Victorian.  It has some Eastlake tendencies though.  Here are a few pics.  I could not take a good picture of the bed because: 1) It was not made up; 2) Steven was already in bed.  I am very excited!  It looks great in our room!  Once I get everything pieced together and make the bed up, I will post a better picture.

Everything in our bedroom is done except: 1) crown molding; 2) ripping up the ugly blue carpet and sanding and refinishing the wood floors.  The wood floors are in great preserved condition because of the carpet.  One day when we are done scraping and painting the exterior of the house and updating the plumbing, I am going to sand and refinish the floor.

If I do not post anything between now and then, Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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