Black Friday Shopping List

When most people are putting things like: “New set of pots and pans, Christmas gift for Susie” on their shopping list for this Friday, I am listing things like: “New set of light sconces for the Living Room, faucet for the kitchen sink, and scaffolding”. Hahaha….sounds like more work!  Our local hardware store has a great sale on Black Friday and you get 20% off your entire purchase.

So, I need to figure out what kind of light sconces will look good in the living room.  Here is a picture of the current sconces (For some reason, they are just not talking to me.  I think they are ok, but they just don’t seem to blend in).  What kind of sconce do I need?  I was leaning towards something a little darker.  Like oil rubbed bronze, or even black.  I also need to find some piece of art to go on top the mantel to.  I put a empty frame up there a while back to see how it looks and it just got stuck there.  I have not gotten around to climbing back up there and taking it down.

So, what are your suggestions?

I was thinking about something like this:

sconce suggestion

While I’m at it, I am going to post pics of the shelves my brother helped make while he was here waiting out Hurricane Gustav.  He cut the boards for me.  I sanded them and rounded the edges and corners, beat them up a little with a chain and some other things to make it look like it was old and had been walked on for a hundred years, stained them and voila!  Then he put up the brackets and hung the shelves.  Thanks Jonathan! 

LR Shelves

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