Spare Room – getting close

Well, I finally put a bed in the spare room and fluffed it up for my incoming Thanksgiving house guests.  It is not completely decorated or finished.  I still need to paint some of the trim and strip the mantel, but here is the before and after.  So, Mom, your bed is waiting for you!

Spare room before

Spare room - almost done

Oh, and remember that baseboard gap?  I filled it in with caulk and painted it the baseboard trim color.  Here is the before and after.  I did not have to rip out the sheetrock after all.

Baseboard before


I love caulk!  I think that has to be one of my favorite “old house” tools.

4 thoughts on “Spare Room – getting close

  1. Haha! I guess that is true! My four year old daughter told me that she was not going to give up her bed this year. So, that meant I had to get cracking on the spare room. Thanks for your comment!

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