Christmas Decorating

Ok, so I know I am behind the game this year.  Everyone (besides me that is) has had enough forethought to dig out the Christmas decorations and get them up in enough time to enjoy them.  Maybe one day, in a perfect world, that will happen in my house.  We put up our tree Monday night and last night we (or maybe I should say, I) decorated it.  I did not worry about having to get lights or decorations.  I remembered that I had tons of stuff from previous years.  However, this seemed to be the year that all of the lights wanted to die.  I plugged the first strand in, BINGO, it worked.  I plugged the second strand in, same thing.  I wound them on the tree.  When I was pulling out the third strand of lights, all of a sudden half of a strand of lights went out.  No amount of shaking, wiggling or jiggling made them come back on.  So, I unplugged it, and went for the third strand.  I had the third strand out of the box (this is the one that has the 10 different light flash functions) and noticed that the wiring was exposed like something chewed through it (which brings up another possible problem…mice in the attic?).  So….I guess my husband noticed the look of frustration on my face as I stood on top of the ladder with three strands of lights that were not working, because he grabbed his jacket, keys and our four year old daughter and headed out the door to buy more lights.  That gave me enough time to sit on the sofa and reflect on the REAL meaning of Christmas and why we do all of this anyway.  Jesus is the reason for the season.

Here are some pictures of my Christmas decorating efforts.    Maybe next year I will have curtains up…maybe….

Tis the Season!  Make it a memorable one! 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Hey, I had know idea that you were blogging! No one tells me these things, absolutely no one!!!!!!! Glad I found you today!!! 🙂

    Love your decorations! I am not so talented, so I have to bribe James Wood to come over here and do his magic!

    Love your blog!

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