Loft Living – Alexandria, Louisiana

On Sunday, December 7, 2008, Jim and Frances Hurst opened their loft home to host a Historical Association of Central Louisiana social.  Over one hundred guests stopped by to view the Hursts beautiful home and to ponder the idea of “loft living” in Central Louisiana.  The Hurst’s loft home is well appointed and tastefully decorated by Mrs. Hurst.  When I first walked through the door, this past summer for an HACL meeting, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw and immediately felt like I was on an HGTV Television show set.  Jim and Frances planned and executed every minute detail in their loft such as the kitchen drawer pulls (hand made out of concrete by Jim) and the wall of square cubbies that displays the pottery Frances makes.   I enjoyed the Christmas trees in the center of the loft.  Frances Hurst said that it took her three days to put up the three trees.  So, if anyone is interested in creating a loft space in the downtown area of Alexandria, Louisiana, one has no further to look than right here at the Hurst loft to gain inspiration.

I was told that the building at the corner of 16th and Murray Street was an old hardware store and was empty when the Hursts bought the property to rehabilitate into a loft.  I do not have the historical details regarding the building.  I believe that the Hursts are having a hard time researching the origin of the building, as well as the history.  If anyone has any information, it would be most useful to the Hursts.  You can contact me through this post.  Here are a few pictures from the social.


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