Yay! Holiday!

Today school is out and we don’t go back for two weeks! Yay! I came home and looked at my “To-Do” list…

Decorate [Check]
Send Christmas Cards [Check]
Buy/Make Presents [Check]
Clean house, get ready for family coming in [Double Check]

I got down to the bottom of my list and could not believe that everything is done! In fact, I felt a bit lost not having the pressure of “getting something done” this afternoon.  So, since I have the time, I am writing this short blog post to recap this past week in pictures.  It is nice to sit and relax and enjoy Christmas.

Over the weekend, we went to the zoo and had a great time listening to the music and looking at the lights. I felt a little bit homesick. Every year at City Park in New Orleans, they play music and light the whole park up with beautiful lights and trees that the children of the area schools decorate.  They call it “Christmas In The Oaks” It is beautiful and used to be (still is when I can get down there) my favorite thing to do at Christmas. City Park has a mini amusement park. It has some of the funniest things to do and, even as a teenager, I would get on the “Dragon Coaster” just because it was a tradition. My dad’s company would give us free tickets for a hot chocolate and a cookie. We always brought a neighbor friend and had a really good time.
Vivian at the Zoo

We had a Connect Group meeting at our house this past Tuesday. It was a lot of fun. We drank hot cocoa, cider and coffee and snacked. We also played UNO attack and for a while there, we thought we would never see the end of the game! But it was a lot of fun.

Connect Meeting

Connect Group 

Wednesday was Vivian’s school play and she was a very cute reindeer.

Vivian in her school play

Vivian the Reindeer


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