Laughter is Good for the Soul

A few weeks ago, Rebecca and Doyle, good friends of ours, invited us to go hear the Transiberian Orchestra in Bossier City with them.  We accepted and, this afternoon, set out for our one and a half hour drive to Bossier.  Since the weather has been nice, around 75 degrees or so, I decided to dress light.  My husband decided to check the weather before we left and he noted that it was supposed to rain around 3 p.m….the very same time our show started.  So I packed a poncho and 4 umbrellas to take with us.  Boy, am I glad I did!  Right when we got in a mile long line, it started to rain horizontally and the wind was blowing cold.  It was miserable!  I am so glad I packed those umbrellas!  Many people stood out in the rain without any cover, or decided to leave altogether.  I found it poor planning for a convention center to not have a lobby.  We were not allowed to go inside until our tickets and purses had been checked.  That left all of us standing in long lines in the pouring down rain.  Even though this sounds terrible, we had a great time and laughed about it.  Here are a few pictures of us trying to ward off the cold and rain.  I think I laughed harder tonight than I have in months!  Laughter is good medicine.  It is good to laugh when things are good but better to laugh when things are bad.

doyle in the rain

steven in the rain

rebecca and i

doyle and rebecca

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