More Ideas for the Craft Room

I found some more spaces and ideas that I like.  Here are a few more pictures to add.  I am using this post as my inspiration board.  Tell me what you think:

Love the color

I love these colors!  I am looking for the right shade of lime green for the paint color.  I think the use of red here is very daring!


I like the use vintage objects in this one.  However, this one makes me feel cluttered.  I would like to have clean lines and simple storage.


 I love this open shelving unit.  You can find many options at IKEA.  I would love to make the trip to the IKEA in Texas (that’s where the closest store is to me) with a long list of items needed for the house.  IKEA is awesome!

Here are some more seating options I am contemplating.  My husband is not really sold on this style.  He is envisioning late night XBOX parties and movie nights, so he wants a nice big comfortable couch.  We are going to have to marry comfort and style.sofa-2

I would like to have 3-4 of these to pull up to a work table.  I envision hosting scrapbooking parties!


7 thoughts on “More Ideas for the Craft Room

  1. Oh, my, I LOVE the green and red! My colors for sure! If I had my way Kait and Kensli’s room would be lime green! Their bedroom in our last house was this color, and when I would go in there it always made me smile. Kaitlyn is a blue girl and Kensli is a pink girl, so am not going to get my wish this time! I think we are going purple.

    You have some great ideas! I want to come to the scrapbook parties! 🙂

  2. I am in the process of redoing my craft studio- check out the progress at my blog & let me know what you think.

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  4. I love that first one of the lime green room! Question, is that a rack the shelves are hanging on? or is it painted on? if its a rack, thats awesome and do you know where to get it?

    • I am not sure where I got the picture from. My husband says that it is used in store displays. It is similar to peg board, but you hang shelves on it. Maybe doing a search on store displays may yield this type of board. Ikea also has some great things too. Hope this helps.

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