How to Banish Pink House Trim?

Ok.  The big question!  Which paint color do we go with? Or at least that’s a big question in our house.  When I pull out the paint chips and start talking paint colors, my husband runs.  It’s not that hard is it?  I know what I don’t like!  I have a folder of paint chips in color families that I like.  Since winter finishes early for us here in the South, I am already forward thinking about Spring and what projects we are going to work on when the weather gets warm…say like March.

We removed the ugly rail on the top of the house.  It was a very poor tack on job.  It does even look anywhere close to the original balaustrade.  It is too high and very boxy.  It supposed to follow the curve of the turret.  The balaustrade we will put up will be a replica of the original.  Steven is going to replace fascia boards and we are going to work on the flat roof, but I want to finally banish the UGLY pink trim on the house immediately!  I know that this is a Queen Anne and that it could be worse with 10 different trim colors, but I am not a pink gal.  So, I apologize in advance to anyone who likes the pink trim.  The question is, what color do I paint it?  We decided to leave the house white for another five years or so, since the house was recently painted and the paint is in good condition.  What trim color goes with white?  I don’t want to be called the Smurf House or Sunny Side.  I was thinking about a grey, or maybe a grey blue?  I suggested black and I thought my husband was going to fall out.  In the only photo we have of the house c. 1908 (right after the house was built) it appears that the trim was either painted white, or that it did not show up in the photo.  Also, the top of the porch rails was painted black.

Suggestions anyone?  I just need something I can live with for about five years or so before we paint the entire house again.  When we do repaint, I am thinking about a butter yellow.  I want all the door trim and misc. trim in white and the porch and shutters a windowbox/sage green.  Imagine…red flower pots and pillows for accents of color.  Until then, I just need to find something I can live with.  BESIDES pink that is!  I want the color to be subtle, but I want people to be able to look at the house and notice the trim.

If you come up with JUST the paint color you think I need to use, please leave a comment.



4 thoughts on “How to Banish Pink House Trim?

  1. Hi, I just found your blog over at Houseblogs. I’m in the midst of choosing colors for my own home, so I have the Sherwin Williams Victorian palette right in front of me. =)

    How about the Rookwood Sash Green or Rookwood Dark Green? They would add contrast (like the black you were thinking of). Or maybe Rookwood Blue Green or Downing Stone for less contrast?

    Good luck!

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