Old Empty Building To Become Useful Again


Nothing warms my heart more than to see an old historic building being renovated and turned into useful real estate.  Unfortunately, we have many old buildings languishing here in Cenla.  The American Red Cross purchased a building just a couple blocks from my house and will start construction next month to return this building to its former glory.  This is historic preservation in Cenla at its finest moment in many years.  In my book, I think that the opening of the Bentley would be the only thing that could trump this event.  I am excited because it should start breathing life into Bolton Avenue and subsequently the surrounding neighborhoods.  I am here to stay!

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I received an invitation to the “Wall Breaking” ceremony for this building that will be held on January 13th at 1:30 p.m.  The address of the building is 425 Bolton Avenue.  Persons wishing to attend this historic event are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Old Empty Building To Become Useful Again

  1. a house, a building, is an alive being. few of us realise that. i’m architect and i know: when one of my clients paints his house pink, or demolish a flank, i’m feeling injured myself. fortunatedly i don’t know about one of “my” house to be demolished…yet.
    best regards,
    dan, http:///danmihalache.wordpress.com

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