Another Bungalow


Well, if everything goes well, we will be the proud owners of our 3rd house.  Yes, I did say 3rd.  Its ok.  I am used to repeating myself.  Most people think they have heard me wrong.  They just can’t believe that I willingly bought and currently live in a hundred year old house, am a historic preservation nerd, am a bit of an oddity and own three houses in the same area.  Their stares and looks of disbelief do not deter me though.  They don’t have to live my life…I do!  And I am enjoying every minute of it.  To be cookie cutter is boring.  To let society dictate who, what or where I  “should” be, do, buy or live is completely unimaginative.

So, by the end of the month we will own the bungalow directly behind us.  We already own the other one on the other side.  Whew!  That is a whole ‘nother blog right there!  We bought the house we currently live in (you can see from the pictures how much work we had/still have on our plate) and then about four months later bought the bungalow next door.  In order to turn the property around and either sell it or get a renter moved in, we spent nine months gutting, undoing the ugly, painting, cleaning, more gutting… was just awful!  It was like birthing a child.  I will have to start a page for the pics and stories of that redo.

Yup, and we are asking for it again!  The bungalow on the other side of us was foreclosed on and has been abandoned for two years now.  I did a walk through of it and it is not in as bad of shape as our first bungalow.   Two years ago, a man bought it, completely remodeled it, made four payments on it and left.  Pulling back the carpet reveals beautiful hardwood floors and the walls are in great condition.  It has a few missing light fixtures and some windows need to be replaced, but it STILL is in better shape than our first project.

I am hoping to get it fixed up and rented out. I never really did want to become a landlord, but since the house market is shaky right now, I don’t see selling these two houses anytime soon.  Its ok though.  Since they are on either side of my house, I can control who my neighbors are.  The other reason I am not sure about selling is, if these properties for some reason are either defaulted on or the people die and their kids inherit, I might be right back in the same spot I was in when I bought them….empty houses next to me tied up in a legal mess.  So, we will probably just hang on to them.


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3 thoughts on “Another Bungalow

  1. All I can say is that really admire what you all have accomplished! I wished Toby was more into this sort of thing, but he is NOT! I would love to just complete a paint project without calling Al*n! 🙂 I think your idea to control who lives next to you is a great plan! I need to schedule a time to come and see all that you have done and get some pointers on the curtain making!

  2. You are welcome to come any time! I used to be embarrassed to have people over, but I have learned to “let go” a little and not worry about it so much. Everyone knows we are going to be painting and remodeling over the next few years, so they don’t really expect things to be perfect all the time. Come when you want!

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