Dreaming of Spring

I guess I am starting to weary of the cold temperatures and am yearning for some warmer weather ’cause lately I find myself poring over landscaping books dreaming up a plan for my southern garden.  Actually, it is a soon-to-be southern garden.  Right now it is just dirt.  My house came with some nice established camelias, azaleas and a 100 year old magnolia, but I can’t seem to find where any previous owner kept a flower garden.  I do have an iris bed on one side of the house.  But, they really need to be culled.  The ground is so thick with bulbs that they choke each other out and don’t bloom.  The front of my house is really dreary.  I think some nice spots of color would give it a facelift.  The only problem is, I read these wonderful magazines and get hooked on a certain kind of flower, then I realize that they only grow in the north.  Phooey.  Since we live in the middle of Louisiana state, we endure hot and humid temperatures that last well into September.  In fact, our winter ends sometime at the end of February/March.  I have to try real hard to leave the flip flops in the closet until at least March.  So, I am sitting here on the internet researching plants and flowers that will thrive in hot and humid weather.  I notice that many tropicals come up in my zone search.  But, I want some FLOWERS.  If anyone has a southern garden and has any advice regarding what type of plants to choose, please feel free to leave a comment.  Otherwise, here are my dream pictures.


I was looking at this picture admiring the yard.  Then, I realized that it is the WHITE HOUSE rose garden…sheesh.  I have expensive taste.  Roses are beautiful, but too high maintenance for me.


Botanical garden in Jerusalem.


Paulsen-Carlin garden.


And now for some tropicals:


I really like this one.  It would really give my front yard a jolt!



Even though I am planning a beautiful front yard, I am sure that I will not get to it this year.  We still have to repair and paint the porch and porch rails.  If I planted this year, we would trample all over them trying to get the porch work done.  But, I guess it doesn’t hurt to research and plan now.  Sigh….  Happy planting!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. I would suggest going to the Southern Living Magazine website’s garden tab. They will have plenty of ideas.

    For tons of flowers and low maintence I suggest Zinnias, Marigolds, Lantana, and Cleome to name a few. I grow most of my flowers from seed. I am always taking pics of what is blomming in our middle Georgia yard and posting them. And even now, the camellias are surviving the frosty nights.

    Our yard is still a mess, but one day…….

  2. I think the internet ate my long comment so …

    Southern Living Magazine would have good suggestions

    and I am always posting pics of whats blooming in my yard.

  3. I love gardens, but do not really care for the long term care that they tend to require! 😦 Yet, I would rather do yard work than laundry! I am not an expert but I can say be careful with tropical plants because they can outgrow their space quickly!!!! We had this problem at out 1st house! My favorites are azaleas and day lilies. They tend to bloom all summer here and do not require a lot care! I love the picture of the flowers around the tree! We just might do this here around our tree in the front! Good luck and keep us posted! I could use all the tips I can get!

  4. Thanks! Those are all good resources!
    BTW: I found your comment Jenni, it went to spam. Thanks for the suggestions! I am headed to Southern Living’s site right now.

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