3 thoughts on “Pictures from the “What Were They Thinking?” Archive #2

  1. Andrea,

    I’m listening to a podcast of the Diane Rehm Show (http://wamu.org/programs/dr/09/02/03.php#24807) about a woman who had to fight city hall to save the home she renovated from seizure due to Imminent Domain. The show features the author of a book about the woman’s struggle (and success!): Little Pink House by Jeff Benedict.

    I thought you might be interested.

    Your fellow HACL member,
    Michelle (l’Archivista)

  2. In several of the rooms of your home there were hanging oil lamps that if I rember right had been electrified. In particular the middle room on the right facing the front of the house. That was just after I think the original owner had moved out and M.J. had bought it.

  3. Thanks Michelle! I need to get hip and start subscribing to some podcasts. That story sounds very interesting. My favorite story is about a woman in Georgia who singldhandedly saved a whole neighborhood of bungalows without the support of the city or any 501 (c) 3’s. I need to dig up that link and show you.

    Thanks Alexcenla for the comment. Those lamps are gone, gone, gone. The only thing left is ugly, ugly, ugly. We are trying to take down the ugly and replace it with either authentic lighting or reproduction. It might not be exact (I do tend to steer away from laborious victorian trappings), but it will look better than what is here now. I am not sure who put them up. The house had three owners since the Jeansonnes.

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