Wow! What an Improvement!

During my Mardi Gras vacation, I decided to paint the living areas of the bungalow we recently purchased.  Gone is the garish orange and the brilliant green.  In its place is a neutral, light green called Timothy Straw by Glidden.   By painting both connecting spaces the same color, it makes the space look bigger and less like a fun house.  The room you can see through the swinging door, which is another bright shade of orange, will be painted the same color.  The hall, which you can see from the living areas, will be painted Cream Tan, which is also by Glidden and on the lighter side of the same paint chip as Timothy Straw.


Living Room and entryway

Living Room and entryway


bungalow living room

Once we refinish the floor and put down a baseboard shoe, I am going to repaint the trim in a white oil based paint.  Right now it is painted with a flat wall paint!  So, every time you touch it, it gets smudged.  Who would paint their trim in flat paint?  Insane!  I wish I had the time to strip the paint off of all of it.  There is a small chip missing on one of the columns and underneath all 3-4 layers of paint, the trim boasts of beautiful wood.  If I were going to live there, I would take the time and scrape all of the paint off.  However, I have enough paint stripping projects in my own house to contend with.  For the time being, it will get painted and if someone buys the house from us in the future, I will let the paint stripping become their headache.  Right now, I just have to get the thing back in good condition (New HVAC, new windows…most of them are broken or cracked….new appliances, floors refinished, new light fixtures, etc.) so we can rent it out without having to make two house payments! 

This color turned out so well, I can’t wait to get the rest of the house painted!  😀


4 thoughts on “Wow! What an Improvement!

  1. Wow, that looks great! Would you be interested in painting some rooms in my house? Just kidding! Figured while you were up to your elbows in paint that you could just pop on over and work your magic with a paint brush! 🙂

    No, really, the new and improved look is great!

  2. Oh wow. The paint really did the trick. I love the columns. As for flat paint, I have to agree that it’s insane to use it! The townhome we rented in Eden Prairie, MN was painted with flat paint in every room!

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