Love My Kindle


I am loving my Kindle 2.  My wonderful, loving, husband (who also happens to be a gadget guru) bought me this awesome book-on-demand device that I don’t think I can live without now.  I did not know they made such things and was pleasantly surprised to open this baby on my birthday last week.  My husband and I are opposite in personality (totally opposite!).  He likes the newest and best, latest and greatest and I won’t buy anything unless it has been out for a few years, has a good stock record, comes with a good warranty and at least 8 people recommend it to me.  I hate to spend my money and then the item becomes obsolete so fast that you can’t find anything compatible for it, thereby rendering an expensive piece of equipment completely and totally useless.

After opening my Kindle 2, I immediately went to Amazon’s website to see if they had any free books to download.  They do!  My husband purchased a book for me and already had it downloaded when he gave me the Kindle.  He was surprised to learn that Amazon had free literary offerings, however, he turned his nose up when all it is are old (I mean very old), diaries of faceless men and women, biographies, lecture series, fiction written in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s and more.  Fascinating!   I just plain love to read, so quite a few of these free books were downloaded pronto!  You would probably laugh when you saw what I have.  For example: Folk Tales of the Philippines; Diary of a Nobody; Homespun Bride.  Totally eclectic.

I am an information nerd!   I am sure that does not surprise you since I am history buff and self-proclaimed preservationist under the age of 30.  Oh, wait a second, I just turned thirty last Friday.  Everyone stand for a moment of silence………………………………………………………………  I am 30!  WOW!

What is really neat about the Kindle is that it is lightweight and the menus are easy to navigate.  My favorite button is the ‘back’ (like an internet browser) so you can go back to the last thing you were doing instead of navigating through a bunch of menus again (they need to put a ‘back’ button on all cell phones! Take note Nokia).  It also has a button for Next Page and Previous Page.  I mean, this thing is dummy and blonde proof…those are two pros as far as I am concerned!  🙂  My other favorite thing about it is that it is wireless.  So, if you are in the doctor’s office waiting or, in my case, at dance class listening to 20 rambuncious 4 year olds practice their dance routine, and you forgot to bring something to read, you can just whip out your Kindle, go to the Amazon store and download a book instantly.  The prices seem reasonable.  You don’t pay the same price as a hard copy of the book.  The Kindle prices seem to be a lot less.  When you are finished with the book you can store it or delete it (if it wasn’t any good).  My manual says that it will hold up to 1,000 books.  This thing is a wireless library!  I can also envision myself using it on long flights.  Magic!

Hope everyone has a great night! Signing off…



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