Accomplishments of the Weekend

YAY!  We are finished painting the windows at our bungalow rent house.  You may have remembered us complaining about it here.  Anyway, here is the before picture when we bought it over a year ago (this picture is before we did ANY work to it) and here is the now picture after the windows have been painted:





I know it is not a huge improvement.  But it does look a lot better from the street. 

Also, yesterday evening, we pressure washed OUR house in preparation to sand and scrape the porch rails and porch walls to paint.  Here are Vivian’s pictures.  She was bored, so I gave her my camera to play with:

Yay!  My legs.  At least I got a pedicure yesterday.

Yay! My legs. At least I got a pedicure yesterday.


And this is how we ended our day:

Vivian and Mercedes

Vivian and Mercedes

Notice me in the background painting while my daughter is loafing!  🙂  Oh to be four again.  Hope you got everything accomplished this weekend that you had on your list!


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