Cotton Brothers Bakery BECOMING Red Cross Headquarters

I was excited to receive an email and pictures today from Melinda Anderson, Director of the City of Alexandria’s Historic Preservation Commission (AHPC), of work that’s being started on the old Cotton Brothers Bakery/Trailways building on Bolton Avenue.  Ever since the news that the American Red Cross bought the building and obtained grants to rehabilitate it, I have passed by this building, almost daily, hoping to see contractors working or bricks being moved…or something!  Nothing really much has changed over the past 24 months…until today!  Here is what it looks like right now:



I am excited for the city, for my neighborhood, for the American Red Cross and double thumbs up to all involved in saving this historic structure and for finding a new use for it.  Preservation of a historic or older building is the ultimate green thought. I can’t wait to see the final product!  I know this building will be a shining star on the Bolton Avenue corridor.   I look forward to more stories like this.  Alexandria needs it.


2 thoughts on “Cotton Brothers Bakery BECOMING Red Cross Headquarters

  1. Any pictures of the finished building? I have found a ton of before and during pictures, but only one taken at the ribbon cutting.


    • I have been meaning to take some. Unfortunately, most of the work was on the inside of the building and I am sure it is beautiful…the outside of the building is largely unimpressive. I need to take a tour and take some pictures and post them. Most likely, due to the plainness of the outside of the building, no one has been inspired to photograph it. I will have to change that.

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