Australian Terrier – Newest Member of the Family

Everyone say hello to Taavi (Its an Australian name which means Beloved and Dearly Beloved in Hebrew).  He is one week old and, sometime in June when he is old enough to leave his mother, he will become the newest member of our family.  We are very excited to welcome Taavi to the family!


This is what he will look like around the time we pick him up.  Vivian is very excited and can’t wait to have a puppy to play with.




5 thoughts on “Australian Terrier – Newest Member of the Family

    • We bought ours from a lady at She lives in Arkansas. We pick up our puppy at the end of this month. Hope that helps!

  1. Hi! We just got a yorkie with Australian Terrier in him today and he looks just like your puppy there. (he has the AT nose rather then the yorkie nose) I would love to see a picture of your pup a bit older 🙂


    • If you click on my home page, you will see our Easter pictures from this year. We have several of our AT in that album. Best wishes!

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