“What you think of me is none of my business”

Goofy Me

Goofy Me

That is probably the most interesting thought I have heard so far this year.  It is extremely true and a very fresh and fascinating concept.  Actually, I guess it is not THAT fresh.  A book with this title was published in 1988 by Terry Whitaker.  I have not read this book and am not endorsing it, but I definitely admire the title.  We, especially Americans, worry more about what people MAY be thinking about us than enjoying the life and opportunities we have been given.  If you ponder it, this is a very logical concept.  My thoughts are not public domain and I am entitled to them.  So, why are people so worried about my private musings which may or may not include them as a subject?

I guess I have never been one who really worries about what other people think or say about me, I mean, come on… I live in an old house, in an old neighborhood, don’t have caller id, am using folding chairs in my dining room, googled a recipe tonight on how to make your own laundry soap… do you really think status bothers me?  Nope.  But, I hope that by posting this, all my friends, family and acquaintances will know that I like you just the way you are.  You don’t have to be ‘SOMEBODY’ to be a somebody to me.  You don’t have to impress me, you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to aggrandize your comings and goings, you don’t have to worry what I think…I love you just the way God made you.


***On a side note, what would have happened if she cared what people thought about her?  Check out the audience frowning and laughing…they all judged a book by its cover: Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent 2009.  This also reminds me of another story where a man was judged by his looks and meekness, Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma, yet he blew the audience away.***

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