Children polish their table manners

If you missed the previous post, Vivian’s school had their 7th Annual Tea Party.  The Town Talk published the article today.  I was even quoted…and they got it right!  Imagine that!

Reposted from the Town Talk’s website:

While fast food is all too common for many working families, some local schools are taking the time to teach children that table manners are more than an old tradition.

“We live in such a fast-paced world, but for us” it’s important to be able to teach children to sit down at a table and learn “about grace, courtesy and manners,” Rosenthal Montessori Elementary Principal Deborah Whatley said as she walked to the school gym, where the school’s annual tea party was about to begin.

The party, which featured Rapides Parish School District Superintendent Gary Jones reading for the children, celebrated the culmination of the kindergartners’ and pre-kindergarten pupils’ etiquette skills learned throughout the year.

Dressed for the occasion, some of the pupils, including Cory Gallow, Reese Weeks and Ashantianna Sanders, wore their best outfits to the event.

Some boys sported executive suits, and girls wore colorful dresses and hats, while parents snapped photos and videos to capture the moment.

“Put your hands in your lap first,” said Ashantianna before she picked up her tiny tea cup delicately and sipped some of her tea.

Throughout the year during snack time, the pupils were taught how to serve someone and how to be served while remembering grace, courtesy and engaging in proper dialogue, Whatley said.

Other local schools hosting tea parties last week included Alma Redwine Elementary and Ball Elementary schools.

“Would you like some more tea?” asked a teacher at one of the properly decorated tables where four children mingled.

“Yes, ma’am,” Reese said with a smile, adding that he also was celebrating his sixth birthday.

Some of the parents attending the event, including Ann Stubbs, Sherrie Credeur and Andrea Warren, looked upon their children with smiles. They said they were pleased to see the school’s focus on life skills.

“That’s what I love about the Montessori system,” said Warren. “They teach manners, politeness and socialization skills. That’s very important,”

She said that her daughter, Vivian Warren, puts her skills to the test everywhere she eats.

Stubbs said it’s rewarding to see her son, Ryan Stubbs, learning about etiquette. It also reinforces what she has tried to teach her children about enjoying family dinners.

“Even if it’s six o’clock, or sometimes it’s eight o’clock, in our home at least one parent eats with the children. We always try to eat together. That’s when you find out what happened in their day,”  Stubbs said.

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