Sunday School Awards

Awards Day

Awards Day

I was proud of Vivian.  This Sunday was awards day and promotion Sunday.  Vivian (to my surprise because I did not help her memorize them) quoted all eight of her scriptures and received a trophy for her diligent work.  Come to think of it, every once in a while I would say a word that sparked her memory and she would quote a verse.  Very commendable for a four year old!   Although you can’t really see it, the best part is the shiner she has!  She received a black eye Saturday playing on the water slide at our YMCA Annual picnic.  If you think she looks bad, you should see the other little girl!  She looks like a unicorn with a big knot on the front of her head.


2 thoughts on “Sunday School Awards

  1. She has said for a long time that one day she is going to stand in front of the church and be able to quote Scriptures for Pastor like the Bible team.

    Yay Vivi!

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