Convinced There is Nothing Photoshop Can’t Fix

On Good Friday, I had a wonderful family ask if they could have their photos taken at my house.  SURE!  I said, flattered that my house was at the top of the list close to Hodges Gardens and other nice areas they were considering.  If ya haven’t seen my house in person, you would laugh that my house was anywhere on the list CLOSE to Hodges Gardens!  After the photographer crawled over every inch of my house taking photos (and a lot of it wasn’t pretty), I was still dubious as to how the photos would turn out but, seeing them today, I am surprised that they are actually pretty good (because of my house, not the photographer)!  I am convinced now that there is nothing in this world that photoshop can’t fix.  Flab, double chins, beer bellies?  No problem!  Rusty houses, poison ivy, dilpadated fence?  Got it covered….literally….and here is the proof:



This photographer is located in Leesville.

And, of couse, ole Viv was standing around posing, hoping the photographer would notice…she did.  Here is my favorite picture.

Vivian by Total Betty Inc.



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