Must have coffee!

This morning, I was standing in the bathroom fixing my hair and I saw Vivian pass by sleepy eyed, holding her bear upside down, heading for the kitchen.  I was curious as to why she got out of bed unbidden and followed her into the kitchen.  She scooted a metal chair up to the counter, got down a coffee cup, got a bit of coffee in her cup (I have the coffee maker with the dispenser), got down from the chair, opened the refrigerator and poured some cream into her coffee, scooted her chair back to the table and started to drink up.  I definitely think that this is my daughter…what do you guys think?  Check out this mean face:

Vivian having coffee 2

And now that she has had a sip of coffee, see how much it improves her countenance?

Vivian having coffee

On an unrelated note, here is the picture of the shiner I told you about last week:

Vivian black eye



6 thoughts on “Must have coffee!

  1. That is too funny! I love it when they act so much like the adults with. Kensli has been on medicine lately and she sounds like an old woman talking about when and what she takes. Thanks for the smile!

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