My dead camera

Well, it is official.  My Fujifilm finepix digital camera that I received for my birthday about 4 years ago, has finally bit the dust.  The poor thing cannot focus anymore or take more than a couple pictures without killing the battery.  I even bought a replacement battery for it a couple months ago, but it did not really help any.

So, I guess since I am having to replace it, I might as well upgrade to an SLR.  I am looking at some of the Sony SLR cameras.  I have a nice Minolta 35mm camera with a couple lenses that I can use on any of the Sony SLRs.  The Sony SLR cameras are the only SLRs that you can interchange with other cameras’ lenses.  Steven, my husband says the Sony SLR AD200 is decent for the price. 


I think that this one might be the winner.  I also looked at some of the higher end point and shoot cameras.  However, Steven is of the opinion that if we are going to buy a new camera, we might as well spend the money and buy something that will last for a good few years.  I am of the opinion that technology changes to rapidly, that it will be outdated in a couple years….so…why not play it safe now.

Does anyone own an SLR and do you like it?


3 thoughts on “My dead camera

  1. In my opinion, you’re better off either with an SLR or with a cheap point and shoot. I’ve done well with both.

    For years, I went with whatever point and shoot I could find on eBay for fifty bucks that had a decent reputation. I’d carry it with me everywhere and use it to death. They never took the best pictures, but I got a lot of photos I wouldn’t have otherwise because I was comfortable taking them with me.

    Now, I’ve got a Pentax K100. I love it. My choice of the Pentax is due largely to the fact that I own several Pentax lenses and I believe that their lenses, used, are a great bargain.

  2. I hate to say it, but I’m excited your old camera died! It was pretty easy to tell it didn’t have much life left in it 🙂

    SLRs are great, BUT they aren’t nearly convenient. I’ve got a Canon DSLR and I miss the days of putting the camera in my pocket. I need to buy a cheap P&S.

    Have you looked at Canons or Nikons? I’d recommend going to a camera shop and playing around with them before picking up the Sony. Having a camera that can take any lens isn’t quite as important as having a high quality camera and sensor. Sony isn’t *bad*, but for a tiny bit more, you can get a much high quality camera.

  3. Thanks! Right when I was firing this off, my husband placed an order with Amazon for the above Sony camera. So…I guess I was too late… 😦 I guess I will let you guys know how well this new Sony SLR performs. I am really tired of the shoddy shots my old camera took. In the end, I kept wiping the lense because the pictures were so blurry, I thought it was the humidity, but I finally figured out that it was just worn out.

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