Puzzles Anyone?

kitchen floor black and white tiles

kitchen floor, puzzles?

sliding plastic puzzle

Recently, my brother came in town, from New Orleans, for a conference.  He was putting something in the microwave and jokingly asked me if I liked to play puzzles.  I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked over and saw him pushing around my floor tiles with his foot.  “Ha..ha..ha..” I said, rather dryly.  It seems that whomever it was that put these ugly .50 cents industrial tiles down, they did not glue them very well, or at all for that matter.  When we first moved in, we pulled up carpet in the kitchen to find these tiles.  I was glad that the tiles looked better than the carpet.  But these tiles are cracked, chipped and not glued down.  If you pull up any given tile on the floor, you will find a pile of dirt under it.  Gross!  I hate, Hate, HATE this floor!  Lol…  My husband hears about it all the time.  I have scrubbed it, scoured it, scraped it, stripped it, mop n glo’d it, all to no avail.  It still looks horriffic!  It would not take a whole lot of effort, or money, on our part to fix it.  But, the problem is, Steven wants to finish the attic and put in a staircase that you would access from the kitchen.  So, until we have that all worked out, we are stuck with the ugly floor.  Sigh…  I guess this is my grumble for the week.  If I get really bored this summer, I might line all the black tiles up one side and the white on the other.  I was always good at tanagrams.

On another note, our puppy is adjusting well.  Vivian is less jealous and actually playing with the dog now.  Thank goodness!  He is a sweet little thing.  I don’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we named the puppy Taavi.  He is an Australian Terrier and according to a listing of Australian based names, Taavi means “Beloved”.

Vivian and Taavi taking a nap on the sofa

Vivian and Taavi taking a nap on the sofa

Happy Saturday!


PS: I don’t know what to be more horrified about — the ugly floor, my ugly feet or the fact that I showed you both!

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