Labor Day Weekend – Ouch!

Pictures from our Labor Day weekend.  We worked a little bit more on the bungalow rent house.  Not much else to report.  We installed the cabinets and counters in the kitchen and I textured and painted the walls in the bathroom.  For the before kitchen pictures, scroll down a post or two, or click here.

Vivian helping daddy install the countertops

Vivian helping daddy install the countertops

94 bungalow kitchen counters

Bathroom pictures before.

After peeling off wallpaper, a coat of paint, joint compound, and then yet another layer of wallpaper, the wall was less than even.  So, I textured the wall and because it still had a few blemishes, I painted it a fairly dark color to hide the imperfections:

94 bungalow bathroom texture

Have to pay the painter again!

Haha...that face is hilarious!

Haha...that face is hilarious!

I don’t have pics of the room painted.  It was so dark outside when I finished, the paint is semi-gloss and the poor bulb in the bathroom is about to give out.  So, I will take one tomorrow and post it.  I wanted to clean up my mess and paint the window sill before giving you a nice “ta-da” picture.  I hurt when I got up Sunday morning…..ouchies!  As they say here in Alexandria, I am all stove up!  (I never heard that saying in New Orleans….lol).

***UPDATE: Here is the bathroom all nice and painted.

94 bathroom painted


Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend – Ouch!

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  3. that’s great. i like that cozy light color. i looked on line and it showed a picture of it looking tan. i google it and and found you. i knew it was yellow because i used it years ago in my kitchen. I love your window trim. the kitchen looks really pretty

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