Nottaway Plantation – Sunday, Sept 20th

Ceiling medallion freshly painted

Ceiling medallion freshly painted


The White Ball Room

Fireplace - The White Ballroom

An interesting light fixture

An interesting light fixture

Dinner at Nottaway

Dinner at Nottaway

Last week, Sunday, I had the privilege of joining likeminded preservationists at the Louisiana Trust’s unveiling of the properties that made their annual 10 Most Endangered List.  The Historical Association of Central Louisiana nominated the CLSH Dairy Barn in Pineville and the Armour Building on Lower Third.  The City of Alexandria Historic Preservation Commission, in short, Melinda Anderson, was responsible for the successful nomination of three other Cenla properties.   At first, I was excited that five of our properties made the list.  However, that excitement was short lived when I realized that it really is not an honor that we (Alexandria) have so many properties listed.  It is actually sad that we had so many buildings to nominate.  One preservationist at the event said “Alexandria, you need to get busy!”.  So true. 

Nottaway Plantation was beautiful.  I enjoyed touring the grounds and the restaurant.  Nottaway just underwent a “multi-million dollar renovation” by sprucing up the main house, building two pergolas, a pool and an assortment of out buildings which host parties, weddings and other events such as the one I attended.  Here are a few pictures I was able to take.  I found it hard to hold my program while juggling my evening bag and large SLR camera.  So, basically, they are what they are.

I had a great dinner and wonderful conversation with fellow HACL members Judge Rae Swent and Dr. Phillip Tapley and other preservationists from across the state. 

Alexandria:  We need to get busy!


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