Ok, it is official, everything I said about our sweet dog is taken back!  Especially when the taking back in question involves shoes!  The first time I found Taavi gnawing on this shoe, I popped him with it and fussed at him pretty good.  I saw him yesterday running around the house with it in his mouth and then today, he got in my closet, AGAIN, and chewed it up.  Thems be fighting grounds.  And yes, I did use incorrect grammar and say “thems”.  No, these shoes were not very expensive, but they were my VERY favorite pair of shoes!

My favorite flat, silver, pointy toe, faux snake skin shoe!

My favorite flat, silver, pointy toe, faux snake skin shoe!


Since this is a post about shoes, here are a couple pics of Vivian two nights ago trying on my new boots.  After Vivian got her bath, Steven found her in our room zipping up my boots.  She was happy to model them for him!




7 thoughts on “Shoes

    • I bought him every chew toy imaginable. His favorite toy though is one he picked out in Petsmart. It is a blue turtle we call Louis. I brought him to Petsmart and before I knew it, he had that crazy thing in his mouth, tossing him up in the air and catching him. I was amazed by this new trick, and bought him the dumb thing.

      • hahhaha! that’s so great that he picked his own toy out! 🙂

        Thor was really bad about chewing EVERYTHING. He was like a baby…everything went into his mouth.

        What finally worked was a rubber Kong ball filled with doggy treats and peanut butter. It was like his crack. He’d go at it for HOURS trying to get the treats out of the ball. 🙂 Maybe something like that would work?

      • Taavi is bored with a Kong…he turns his nose up at it and it was expensive! He will chase it for hours, but he won’t try to get the treats out. Not sure…he is weird.

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