2 Local Buildings Make the Louisiana Trust’s 10 Most Endangered List

I could have danced when I received the email from the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation’s representative.  Due to the Historical Association’s, and mainly, Charles K. Charrier, President of HACL, diligent work nominating two CENLA buildings, the CLSH Dairy Barn in Pineville and the Armour Building on Lower Third in Alexandria, will receive local and national recognition by being placed on the Louisiana Trust’s 10 Most Endangered list.  The Louisiana Trust is part of the National Trust.  Each year, the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation recognizes the state’s ten most endangered historic properties to draw attention to the importance of historic preservation of our rich Louisiana heritage.  Previously, Central Louisiana has had seven properties placed on the 10 Most Endangered List.  We are proud to see that number grow to 9!

CLSH Dairy Barn 9-01-09

CLSH Dairy Barn 9-01-09

Armour Bldg, Lower Third

Armour Bldg, Lower Third 9-01-09

There will be a reception at Nottaway Plantation on September 20th, and at that time, there will be an unveiling of each structure that has made the 2009 list.  As of now, I do not have a list of the other properties.  This is exciting news for CENLA and for historic preservation!

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.  Winston Churchill