Recycling Services in Louisiana

I would not call myself a super recycler, or anything, but I do try to do my part.  One of my friends told me that the following company on Broadway now takes plastics too.  This is copied and pasted from the City of Alexandria’s website.  They do not list plastic as an item they accept, but they do accept anything plastic with this symbol:

Recycling Services
2510 Broadway Ave.
Alexandria, LA
(318) 473-4441
paper and cardboard

If you are interested in recycling cans or aluminum, you can drop off your items at:

BEST Metal Recyclers
715 Melrose St.
Pineville, LA
(318) 767-6585
cans, metals, aluminum, etc.

Reduce, reuse, recycle!


We Even Renovate Barbie Houses!

For Christmas, Vivian asked for a Barbie doll house.  So, Jonathan, my brother with wonderful carpentry skills, volunteered to make her one.  After we got back from Colorado, Jonathan came into town for some R&R and to build the dollhouse.  The morning after he arrived, he and I set out to find supplies to  make the house.  Vivian went to Nana’s house for the weekend to give us some time.  Vivian also wanted a Barbie car and furniture, of course.  So, I asked Jonathan to stop at Goodwill on our way to Target to see if I could find a Barbie car, or things I could use to outfit her house.  Some people would cringe at this thought…not me.  I would prefer to recycle and reuse rather than buy everything new.  I did not find any furniture, but as we were rounding the aisle, lo and behold a pink and white wooden dollhouse exactly like the one Vivian asked for.  I wanted something nice that I would not mind having in the living room.  I did not want anything cardboard or plastic.  I wanted something that would last.

The only thing wrong with it was that it had permanent marker in the attic and was missing its front door.  Steven measured and cut a new front door and outfitted it with a new doorknob.  He also primed and painted over the marker that was in the attic.


We went to Target and bought a dining table, refrigerator and vanity set.  A good friend already gave Vivian the bathroom set.  I could not find any beds, so we made them.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought unfinished wood pieces and we made the bed and sofa.  I also bought the princess crown wood cut out and some small dowel rods and ends to make curtain rods.  I sewed curtains and made a comforter and pillow set.  I also covered the sofa.  Whew….that was a long evening!  We had to have it all done before Vivian got back from Nana’s house.  If you think making pint sized curtains and comforters would be the worse thing you ever had to do, check out this:

All these little parts to take apart and take out!

Look at all the waste it made!

Here is Jonathan helping place some of the furniture.  He always has a funny sense of humor.  He put the grandpa barbie doll in the smallest room close to the entertainment center so grandpa could see it.  Lol….

What was really funny about Vivian discovering her present from Santa was, when she opened it up, she said “That smells like Kilz!”….hahahahahhaa….we used Kilz to cover the permanent marker.  She is only 5.  Can you tell that she has helped us renovate a house or two!  Hahahahaha……………..

Vivian finding her Santa present


Instead of building a doll house with the supplies Jonathan brought, he turned it into a bookshelf for my room. Yay!!!!  🙂

Thanks Jon!


Making Valentines

I have so many things to post and talk about, but I will settle for talking about the cute Valentines Vivian and I are making for her classmates at school.  I could take the easy way out (as I have in previous years) and buy the premade ones.  But, I have all of this papercrafting stuff begging me to be used.  So, here is one of the cute Valentines we made.  I have several other “designs” in my head, but this is the one we worked on this afternoon.


Red and White cardstock
Close to my Heart Exclusive Inks:
Desert Sand
Tim Holtz Antique Linen distressing ink
Inkadinkado small script stamp
Close to My Heart Acrylix Stamp sets:
D1373 Childhood Portrait (Boy on Rocking Horse, small and medium heart, ‘Friendship’)
D1348 Priceless Love Word Puzzle (sweet)
B1336 Somethin’ Special (to)
Vivian’s stamp I had made for her that says: Made especially for you by Vivian Warren (she loves to create too)

We cut the red cardstock to 3×3 and the white cardstock to 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 (two and three quarters).  We distressed the white cardstock with the antique linen ink and used Desert Sand to stamp the small script.  We ran the edges of the white card stock in the Desert Sand to darken the edges. 

We then stamped the rocking horse boy (Moonstruck), the small and medium hearts (Tulip) and the word ‘sweet” (Olive) onto the now distressed cardstock.  On the red cardstock, we stamped the word “Friendship”, underneath that we stamped ‘to” and finally we used Vivian’s stamp to finish it off and to let them know it was created especially for them. We used a tape runner to adhere the white cardstock to the red.  Punched two holes in the top.  Added our ribbon and Voila!

If anyone would like to order any Close to My Heart products, please contact me through this website, or at


VIVIAN – on the cold weather

My two vent huggers

Vivian: Mommy its cold
Me: Yes baby, I know
Vivian: I wish I had a cup of hot water to pour on my legs!
Me: Oh no! That’s not a good idea
Vivian: Why?
Me: ‘Cause it will burn you
Vivian: No it won’t. I’ll put sunscreen on my legs
Me: Baby, that’s not going to help. Sunscreen blocks the sun from burning you, not water. That’s different.
Vivian: They make the waterproof sunscreen don’t they?

That is when I gave up arguing with her. She makes me feel like a dog chasing my tail.


Breckenridge, Colorado Christmas Trip

Here are some of the photos from our Breckenridge ski trip.  We decided to take off to Colorado this Christmas.  It was loads of fun and Vivian had a great time playing in the snow (as you will be able to tell from the pictures).  The only snow Vivian saw was when there were a few flurries in the air sometime the first week of December.  This Louisiana girl had a good time.


Two down, one to go!

Drumroll please……………………

It is official.  This past weekend we had our latest house project appraised and will be putting the For Rent sign up soon!  Yay!  If you felt that wild breeze yesterday blow past your face, that was me exhaling……  I am glad to have this second house under our feet and off of our books.  2010 will be the year we concentrate on our very own house.  I guess the good thing is, our rental property will be paying our house note.

Without further ado, here are the before and after pictures.  Enjoy!

Before and After pictures of 94 Bungalow

Or you can view them on Facebook

Here is a teaser:



BEFORE living room/den

BEFORE living room/den

AFTER living room/den

AFTER living room/den

BEFORE dining room

BEFORE dining room/office

AFTER dining room/office

BEFORE kitchen

AFTER kitchen

AFTER kitchen 2

BEFORE master bedroom

AFTER masterbedroom