Two down, one to go!

Drumroll please……………………

It is official.  This past weekend we had our latest house project appraised and will be putting the For Rent sign up soon!  Yay!  If you felt that wild breeze yesterday blow past your face, that was me exhaling……  I am glad to have this second house under our feet and off of our books.  2010 will be the year we concentrate on our very own house.  I guess the good thing is, our rental property will be paying our house note.

Without further ado, here are the before and after pictures.  Enjoy!

Before and After pictures of 94 Bungalow

Or you can view them on Facebook

Here is a teaser:



BEFORE living room/den

BEFORE living room/den

AFTER living room/den

AFTER living room/den

BEFORE dining room

BEFORE dining room/office

AFTER dining room/office

BEFORE kitchen

AFTER kitchen

AFTER kitchen 2

BEFORE master bedroom

AFTER masterbedroom


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