VIVIAN – on the cold weather

My two vent huggers

Vivian: Mommy its cold
Me: Yes baby, I know
Vivian: I wish I had a cup of hot water to pour on my legs!
Me: Oh no! That’s not a good idea
Vivian: Why?
Me: ‘Cause it will burn you
Vivian: No it won’t. I’ll put sunscreen on my legs
Me: Baby, that’s not going to help. Sunscreen blocks the sun from burning you, not water. That’s different.
Vivian: They make the waterproof sunscreen don’t they?

That is when I gave up arguing with her. She makes me feel like a dog chasing my tail.


6 thoughts on “VIVIAN – on the cold weather

  1. Vivian I totally feel your pain. It’s freezing in our house too and we have hot water only every other day or so. One day we will have a new house with plenty of HEAT!!!

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