My favorite thing I did for my rent house

So, we closed on our construction loan on our second rent house today.  I am very glad to have that project completed and the house rented out!!  It took us 10 months to gut and renovate the house.  Such projects creep along at such a slow pace when you devote only Saturdays to them. 

Anyway, my favorite thing in our rent house next door is this hanging rack for the small 1/2 bath in the master bedroom.  I used a scrap piece of baseboard and several knobs I had lying around from other projects. 

Here are a few pics of our rent house through Vivian’s eyes.  She took all of these pictures.  It was funny to find them on my camera.


Steven would stand behind Vivian in the picture and smile and then leave the room.  She would look at the camera and see Steven and then look behind her but he was not there.  It took her a little while to figure out he was playing with her.

Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “My favorite thing I did for my rent house

  1. Hope you got a good damage deposit. I have had fiive rent houses in the past and no matter how nice or “refined” your tenants are, 90% of them have no respect for a rented home.

  2. I do require a high damage deposit and I also get higher rents than anyone else in this area. In 2 weeks time (from just putting a little sign up in the yard), we received over 200 calls and had over 30 applicants which we screened very closely, called their last landlord, and verified employment. I had one lady who made it through the first two rounds and it was time to sign the lease, but she would not sign the lease (It is a VERY tough lease…having a legal background you can imagine – it is about 20 pages long). So, I went with the next lady who checked out ok. Yup, it was a pain. But, my first renter from two years ago is still with me and she is a dream. It is worth all the effort to weed out the riff raff. I am not pressured to rent to someone “nice” or to the first person who shows up. I have faith that this lady and her family will work out nicely.

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