Working on the front stairs


Ouch…my aching neck.  I spent three hours this morning stripping, bristle brushing and scraping paint off of our front yard concrete stairs.  I pressure washed them twice.  Here are some pictures Vivian took of me…lol…I look like Cinderella.  The first picture is of the steps ready to paint.  I was able to get all of the blue paint off.  The blue paint that was on top was not concrete or exterior paint.  The reddish color you see was the original color of the stairs.  It is NOT coming off.  I liberally applied concrete paint stripper and it seems that there is still pigment staining the concrete.  I don’t think that is coming off.  Anyway, Thursday I apply a new paint color.  The guys at Joseph’s Paint on Bolton hooked me up with some good, durable, concrete/deck paint.  After it is all done, I will take pictures and post the color chip in case anyone is interested.

The dirt to the left is what I pressure washed off first....

“You get the beeeeeeeeeeeest of both worlds”

Someone gave Steven some headphones to use with his Xbox live membership.  Vivian found a set and had to come and show me her Hannah Montana impression.  Just in case you are wondering why she has a shirt on her head (I asked her), that is her wig!

Our new doggy is already becoming one of the family.  This is how I found them all this morning.

I have it on very good authority that a two dog household is closer to heaven than a one dog household….  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


Andrea the Dog Catcher

The Cast:

Sparky- my new white terrier

Taavi- my Alpha dog, man of the house

Rottweiler mix- belongs to someone

Black and white male- stray dog

Black and white female- stray dog

Two Animal Control Officers

Vivian- my daughter

Andrea- the comic relief

Yes, I have a new title to add to my illustrious list.  Life certainly has been interesting for me lately.  This weekend, I adopted a new furball, Sparky.  I happened to run in to PetSmart for some dog food and saw the cutest white haired terrier staring at me.  I had been looking to get a second dog and I especially wanted a small terrier, preferable white or blue and tan like a yorkie.  This little guy fit the bill.  The Humane Society of West Louisiana bring their adoptable dogs every Saturday to PetSmart.  If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, check them out on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Here is a picture of Sparky:

He was a little shy at first.

Now he’s running with the Alpha dog, Taavi.  They seem to be getting along well.  Sparky is a sweet heart.  Taavi grunts and snorts while he stomps through the hall while Sparky delicately and quietly prances at Taavi’s heels.  In fact, Vivian calls him “Sparkle”…hahaha….which is an accident.  She can’t remember that his name is Sparky and she likes Sparkle so much better.  Every time she calls him that, Steven rolls his eyes and corrects her.  He does not want any Sparkle dogs in the house.  🙂

Anyway, back to the new title.  We have seen two large dogs running around this area for around two weeks now.  I thought they belonged to someone in the area and hoped they would go back.  I hate calling the pound on dogs…no telling what happens to them after they are caught and whether or not their owners go redeem them.  Last night, they took up residence under our house and barked all night.  Steven went out onto the porch and yelled at them to “get” at least five times.  Poor thing.  He is probably a zombie today.  All the barking kept making my dogs bark (this is the reason I introduced Sparky first.  Because I went from dog to dogS this weekend).  This morning, I heard barking underneath the house and hitting my HVAC ducts, so I called animal control.

The man from animal control was so nice.  He heard the dogs under my house, but he said that he does not go under houses.  He talked about setting a trap, which I was fine with.  Then he went from talking about a trap to hiring an inmate (payment would be a pack of cigarettes) to come and get the dog.  The conversation was getting a little bizarre.  So, I told him to hold on a minute.  I went inside the house and changed and crawled under the house to see what kind of dog was under there and why he was not coming out.  I found a poor Rottweiler mix all tangled up underneath my house.  He had a  retractable leash connected to his collar and it was all tangled up in my air conditioning duct and electrical wiring.  He was shaking and scared.  I sat and talked to him for a long time and called to him, he finally came close to me and allowed me to pet him.  Then I reached underneath his chin and unhooked the leash.  I talked to him for a while and then I grabbed his collar and led him out from underneath my house.  By that time, a second animal control officer showed up and they both chuckled at the sight of me.  I was mud head to toe (which was not all this dog’s fault.  Earlier I had Sparky on a leash outside and he saw one of the black and white strays and his 8 1/2 pound self decided he wanted to go after the big dog and he broke loose and I football tackled him twice…to the merriment of Vivian and the animal control officer) and holding on to the collar of a BIG dog.  He was very docile though.  If he growled at me or showed signs of agression, I would not have bothered with him.  They put him in the truck to find his owner.  He was a surprise.  The theory is that he broke away from his owner and chased the other two black and white stray dogs that have been roaming the neighborhood.  After we loaded him up, the stray we were looking for comes waltzing up as pretty as you please.  He led the officers on a merry chase and they found the second stray in the process.  Gosh all theses dogs.  Are you keeping up?  🙂  I am sorry I have no pictures to show.  I was too busy to hold a camera.  Lol…

The animal control officers left shaking their heads and laughing at me….they said “You’re from New Orleans, huh?”  They couldn’t believe that I was willing to crawl underneath the house and free a rottweiler mix and they were not.   They are coming back later to set two dog traps to try to catch the black and white strays.   One good thing that has come from all of this, the stray dogs have temporarily chased away the three or so wild cats that live under our house.  The nice animal control officer told me to call him in a couple weeks and they would set some cat traps.  I didn’t realize I was inheriting an animal sanctuary when I bought this house….lol….


***Update:  So far we have caught the neighbors dog and the squirrels have feasted all day on the free dog food….

Robbie G’s

Yay!  A local restaurant finds its five minutes of fame. 

Foodie finds a ‘fun, funky roadhouse’ in Alexandria

Just back from a delicious road trip. Yes, yes, I know — a postcard should be sent from the road. But I was so busy eating that I didn’t have time to blog.After an afternoon tooling around Natchitoches, we stopped for the night in Alexandria, where we found fantastic crawfish at a fun and funky roadhouse, Robbie G’s. Man, when these people eat crawfish, they really eat crawfish — no pussy-footing around. An order is either three pounds or five pounds. Pictured is an order of five pounds. I figure I ate about three, washed down by a couple of ice-cold beers. What a great start to a trip.

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No Comments?

On the rare occasion I pull up the news to peruse what is going on in our small little world (Alexandria, that is), I always find something humorous, such as this:

Public declines to comment about getting utility rebates from Alexandria-Cleco deal

Members of the Alexandria City Council were prepared to listen Tuesday to the public’s suggestions about rebates stemming from the resolution of the city’s fraud lawsuit against Cleco Corp.

Residents weren’t prepared to speak, however.

A handful of people showed up at Tuesday’s public hearing on rebates, and none of them signed up to speak, even as City Council President Roosevelt Johnson asked them to share their thoughts.

Wow…. No one bothered to sign up to speak to express their opinions directly to their public officials.  Instead, they sign in to their Town Talk account and leave comments incognito….which is up to 4 pages right now…and counting.  What does that say?  To me, it appears that a lot of people like to talk ‘smack’ here in Alexandria while hiding behind their computer.  Real tough guys (and maybe gals)…..  The only thing I could think of that is worse is people who whine about public policy, state officials, representatives, congressmen, etc. but they don’t get off their tush to go vote….that’s just half-witted.