Front Steps BEFORE and AFTER

Whew…exhaling….I just washed off all of the oil base paint and am examining the blisters in my hand.  My back hurts, my neck is sore and I will probably smell like mineral spirits for two more days.  But, for all of my bellyaching, I am very proud of my front steps.  You can click here to see me pressure washing, stripping paint and cleaning the stairs.  And you can look below for the Ta-da pic of the stairs….



When it dries, it is supposed to look like a brown paper bag.  The color appears light in this photo.  I sure do hope it darkens some. This picture is after two coats of paint.  The paint color chip is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Waynesboro Taupe’, number 1544.

How it came to be:

What Vivian was doing while I worked…

Now, I am enjoying a big glass of iced tea and feeling quite good about my day’s work.  Off to the porch swing now to admire the view…


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