What Color Post 2

Well, since I have no takers on my last post about what color to paint the dining room, I forged ahead, brave soul that I am and picked out a dark gray/charcoal from Benjamin Moore called Anchor Gray.  I painted it on my ‘try out’ board and leaned it up against the wall.  Tomorrow, in the sunlight, I will take pics and post.  I have decided to go with that dark gray charcoal color, paint the wainscoting an ivory and accent with turquoise and red.  Here are my inspiration pics:


I was thinking about buying a large canvas and covering it in pretty wallpaper for art.  Something like the material on this headboard:

or this:

Can’t wait!  I will probably put this project into action sometime this weekend or next.

Happy Tuesday everyone,


2 thoughts on “What Color Post 2

  1. Wow! I love the charcoal and the blue rooms! That’s definitely the way to go! red is too old fashioned bring in the modern victorian home! (contradiction?)

    • Well, I am trying to make the Victorian thing work and it just isn’t my style. I am more of a Modern/Country/Eclectic type person which really just means that I am weird. So, we are going to marry all three in this room and I hope it comes out ok. I am sure it will.

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