Funding my paint habit

Well, it has come down to this.  I have been wanting to ‘spruce up’ the dining room and decorate according to my very eclectic taste, but have not had the money to buy the paint or other items on my wish list.  My husband told me I needed to find a way to fund my paint habit.  Hahahaha…. Well, that motivated me!  So, today at 6 am, I got up and had a huge, HUGE garage sale.  Did I tell you it was huge!  I cleaned out the shed, got rid of old furniture, I parted with some of my dish collections, cannister collections and tin trays.  I cleaned out the attic and sold all art and home decor that I was not currently using.  I had not looked at this stuff in over three years…time to get rid of it!  I feel so much more organized and can breath easier without all the clutter. 

I advertised for two days and made sure I took out an ad with the LOOK sign at the top so everyone in Alexandria would come by and see what I had for sale.  I was not disappointed.  For five hours I answered the same questions over and over; and even though I had everything CLEARLY marked, people would still ask me: “How much you want for this?”  However, this is not a complaint.  I netted a sunburn and enough money to buy the paint, a large area rug and had $40 left over that I spent at the grocery store.  Can’t beat that!  So, coming soon: pictures of my new dining room!

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Funding my paint habit

  1. Okay, that is hilarious. And I can TOTALLY relate. I’ve been blogging about my kitchen remodel and posted recently about a paint-related breakdown. Oy! Wish I’d bought stock in Benjamin Moore!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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