Going Paperless – the end of the world?

*** Warning: This post may contain some irrational thoughts, pointless humor, partial truths, prejudiced drivel, half-witted rhetoric, disjointed communications and an occasional unfounded wild accusation. ***

Unfortunately, all of the above is what I had to hear this past week.  Our employer is forcing everyone to sign up for direct deposit and is no longer printing out our paystubs in order to cut their budget and save some money.  We are now required to log on at home and  print a paystub, if we so desire, or to see what was deposited into our account.  I have used direct deposit for over ten years and find it extremely convenient.  If you think about it, all direct deposit is, is a direct wire to your account.  Western Union and other such companies, have done it for years.  Its a basic transfer of funds from one place to another.  But, you should have heard the nonsense that was flying around last week regarding being forced to use direct deposit.  Most of the employees are all in a lather about not getting a paper check.  They want their paper check in their hand because they do not trust the banks to give them “all of their money”.  [rolling my eyes]

There was a lot of talk about our society becoming paperless and that the end of the world is near.  Now, to make sure you know that I am not discounting the fact that they end of the world may or may not be near.  I do believe in Revelations and I do believe that we will experience an “end of the world” as we know it.  However, I do not think it will come through the vehicle of direct deposit.  🙂  In fact, when I am the unfortunate receptor of such gossip and urban legends, my mind wonders and I think of scenarios like this:  (text my own)

Lol….or can you imagine the conversations employers had with their employees when they stopped paying in cash and started issuing paychecks?  I bet those employees had the same ideology as my co-workers.  I fully support any business who tries to cut waste by going paperless.  People got along just fine in past centuries without paper.  It seems that most of the paper printed now is wasted anyway.

Oh well, that is my random thought and ramble for the day.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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