Exercising the Dog

I heard the thumping of feet and the clicking of claws in my hall and decided to go see who was making all the racket and why.  I was met with the sight of my daughter running up and down the long hall with the dog on her heels.  I asked her what she was doing and she promptly told me that the dog was getting fat and that he needed to be exercised..lol…so that is what she was doing.  Excercising the dog.  From the pictures, you can see that it probably was the other way around…the dog excercising her!

Exercising Taavi

Keep up, girl!

I swear this dog is part rabbit

What my garage sale profits bought

2 cans of Anchor Gray Paint (test board in the background)

4  5×7 rugs (put together with seam tape)

Seam tape

Dining chair covers

Tree branch and bird decal for the wall (not sure what to do with this just yet)

From my previous post, I told you about the garage sale I had to raise enough funds to refurbish the dining room.  Well, I did not know that rugs were so expensive!  The least expensive rug I found that I could live with was $300!  I have to have at least an 10×12 due to my dining table being 5×10.  Well, I went in to the local home store and saw Berber carpet in 5×7 remnants already bound for $25 each.  I quickly did the math….4 5×7 rugs would make 1 10×14 rug and it would only cost $100.  I snatched four up, bought two boxes of seaming tape and did exactly what the man is doing in the picture. 

Seam Tape

I think it looks good…for now!  Especially since I do not have $300!  I would have had to spend my entire garage sale profit on the rug…which would not have been bad, but I have already bought the paint and other items.  So, this will do.

After school lets out (this week, THANK GOD!), I will be finished for the summer and I plan to paint the dining room sometime next weekend.   I plan on decorating and spiffing up the dining room also, then I will take pics and post the final ta-da pics. (***Update…next weekend, yeah right! I just painted the dining room and “spiffed it up”. August 6, 2010).

We are still working slowly on the bathroom.  The caulk has dried and I am going to finish this project up (hopefully!!!) next week as well.   Vivian will be gone to Grandma’s house (woo hoo!) and will not be underfoot.  I have a big superwoman list for next week.  We shall see what actually gets done.


Hair Spray and Caulk…Can They Co-Exist?

Only in my bathroom!  I thought this looked funny.  We have so many remodeling projects going on that items like this caulk gun start blending in with regular household items.

Well, well, I guess since I am showing you this picture, I will have to let you know that we did start remodeling our bathroom.  It is not exactly what we wanted to do.  We really wanted to take a wall down and move the plumbing around.  However, due to my decision of going back to school next Fall, we have decided to save our money and just update the bathroom.  We are not finished.  We still need to put shoe around the baseboard and I need to sand and paint the doorway and window, but this will give you an idea of what it is starting to look like.

BEFORE bath area. Notice the awful surround.

The floor was horrendous. We pulled up several layers of old tile and plywood.

Pulling out all the old

AFTER old moldy sheetrock and surround gone, new shower surround put in!

AFTER new floor


AFTER not sure why my pictures are fuzzy.

Bye-bye ugly!

I pulled all the old flooring out, Steven tore out the shower surround and sheetrock and stuff and then he repaired the wall and we both liquid nailed the new surround in.  I then caulked and siliconed it (do NOT want a mildewed shower later!) very thoroughly and Steven laid the floor.  I am proud of it!  Not exactly what I want at the moment (this is what I really wanted), but it looks a WHOLE lot better than it did.  It started getting be very embarrasing to have guests over…especially overnight guests!

I am so busy with finishing up the school year, that I have not been able to do the finishing work.  When I do, I will post pictures of the end result.  Until then, my caulk gun and hairspray will need to learn how to get along….they may be there a while!


Happy Mommy’s Day!

What a wonderful day!  I woke up to a nice cup of coffee, just like I like it, a cake that said “#1 Mom” complete with candles and a gift (a rice cooker I had been coveting) with a home-made card from my babies!  Thanks for making me feel special guys!

This wasn’t just *any* cake.  It was my favorite yellow cake with milk chocolate icing!  Steven even researched online how to smooth out the icing so he could write on it!  Haha…..  Thanks guys!