Itching to paint something again

Oh, how my mind wanders when I am on summer break!  I have just finished painting our bathroom.  I need to put down some baseboard shoe and it is finished.  More of that to come.

But, I am looking at room pictures online from beautiful houses and, doing so, gives me the itch to paint something…anything.  Look at these beautiful pictures.  Borrowed from House of Turquoise.  If you have not yet visited this site, you are in for a treat.

I have posted this one before.  But…I love it!!

Well, that’s all my dreaming for now.  Check back next week….I might’ve painted something by then.  😉

Father’s Day Card

Daddy, I love you...THIS MUCH!

Well, this is posted a little late, but we made a really cute Father’s Day card for Paw Paw and Steven this past Friday.  Vivian and I wanted it to be accordion style, so we thought out a design and then put it all together.  This is how it came out.  I let her put it together herself.  I thought it was very cute.

First we used my Cricut and cut out a dog from the cartridge Paper Dolls.  I think he is

 about 5 inches tall.  Then we cut off his head….lol.

Cricut Cartridge: Paperdolls

 Then we made the dog a collar cutting a small strip of paper from a leftover scrap and punching out a red dot for his tag.

Next we took at 3×3 square punch and from scrap paper, punched about 8-10 squares.  I absolutely love this punch.  It is one of my favorite tools.


Next we mounted the bottom half of the dog on an index sized white piece of scrap paper.  We took the squares (the quantity depends on how long you want it to fold out) and turned them over and taped them together.  Vivian didn’t tape hers precisely (you know, she is only 5!) and that is why some of them are odd shaped.  But, if you tape them where they DO NOT overlap, they will accordion fold.  Then we attached the head of the dog to the top of the chain of paper and folded the squares.  We glued the bottom square to the body of the dog.  We sat there trying to figure out how to keep the folded squares together.  So, we came up with the idea of creating paws (Since we cover his paws up with the sign).  We cut two paws from scrap paper and this allows you to tuck the accordion fold behind it.

We attached a PULL tab to the dog’s ear so the recipient would know how to open the card.

LOL….I am looking at this picture.  Apparently the H fell off…hahahaha…..oh well.  You can write a message or use stickers to make a different message.  Or if you have a different dog on a cartrdige you could open the card landscape instead of vertical like we did.

Anyway, we had fun making our project.


G.A. Mangun, “Shepherd to Thousands”

Tomorrow, we gather to honor our Bishop’s life and to celebrate his new life in heaven.  The Town Talk wrote a beautiful article and I thought I would repost here.

Longtime Pentecostal pastor Gerald A. Mangun of Alexandria dies at 91

Central Louisiana lost one of its most notable spiritual figures when the Rev. Gerald Archie “G.A.” Mangun died Thursday. He was 91.

Mangun, the longtime pastor of The Pentecostals of Alexandria, helped grow the church from less than 40 members when he arrived in Alexandria in 1950 to about 4,000 at the time of his death.

Visitation will be from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday in the main sanctuary of The Pentecostals of Alexandria at 2817 Rapides Ave. The memorial service will follow at 6 p.m.

Burial will be in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Pineville. A graveside service will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m.

“To me, he was a great mentor, a great person and a bigger-than-life spiritual leader,” said Charles Charrier, who met Mangun in 1966 and credits the late pastor as a major influence in his life. “He represented everything good, true, honorable and honest. His passing grieves me deeply.”  Read the rest of the story here.

The Town Talk Photo Gallery..>Click Here

June 17th Town Talk Article

Our View: On G.A. Mangun, a shepherd to thousands in Central Louisiana

Obituary: Gerald Archie Mangun

***All of the above articles and pictures are from the Town Talk.  I reposted the pictures here.  Our church submitted them to the Town Talk, so I believe I can repost them without any copyright violations.

Youtube videos of graveside service.

This is so awesome, Sis. Shoemake singing “Oh What Singing…”  This gives me chills.  I would love to have her sing at my graveside!

Gerald Archie Mangun (1919-2010)

Bishop G.A. Mangun of The Pentecostals of Alexandria died Thursday morning, June 17. He was 91. The Indiana native took over at The Pentcostals of Alexandria in July 1950. Town Talk file photo

Our beloved bishop, Rev. G.A. Mangun passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends.  He will be greatly missed by many.  Visitation will be from noon until the time of the service Tuesday.  A graveside service will begin at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Pineville.

Most of my memories of Bishop Mangun are of before I moved here.  I remember attending youth camp and the youth services at camp meeting and G.A. Mangun would show up. He preferred to attend the “young” people’s events.  We always got a kick out of that.

When Vivian was a baby, probably about a year old, Bishop Mangun picked her up, squeezed her cheeks and gave her a kiss.  The look of shock on Vivian’s face was priceless!  Vivian always called him “Pastor’s Dad”…that would be Pastor Anthony Mangun.  And Vesta Mangun is known to her as “Pastor’s Mom”.  So cute.

You will be missed Bishop, but we know you are in a better place.


Vacation 2010 Southwest

It has been a long 10 days, but we are back!  We visited Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, back down to Texas and then on to home sweet home, Alexandria, Louisiana.

Here are a few pictures of the places we visited.  It was a lot of fun!

1st set is the GRAND CANYON, Arizona

2nd set is LAKE POWELL, Page, Arizona

3rd set is the beach of LAKE POWELL


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Camping Checklist

Ok, so we are planning on going camping this summer. I finally talked my husband in to taking me camping and, not only that, but in a tent!  When we broke the news to her, Vivian looked at us dubiously and said “There aren’t any hotels at the Grand Canyon?”.  To that, we chuckled and then explained, later on when we were shopping for a portable stove at Academy, how we will cook some of our food outside on the grill.  To that, Vivian exclaimed “There are no restaurants either???????”.  HAHAHA….uh-oh!  We may be in trouble there. 

I was making a list the other day of items we need to buy/bring/pack and then I compared my list with my husband’s list.  It went kinda like this:


Packing for Camping Checklist:

Canned goods
Nonstick cooking spray
Granola bars
 Water cooler Dishtowels
Cooking pan
Small sauce pan
Cooking utensils
Can opener
Tea kettle
Bug repellent
First aid kit
Tylenol/pain relievers
Hand sanitizer
Hand soap
Baby wipes
Duct tape
Matches and lighters
Toilet paper
Ziploc bags
Plastic grocery store bags
Trash bags
Rope, cords or wire
Extension cord
Egg crate mattresses
Sleeping bags
Extra Blankets
Knife to cook
Pocket knives
Picnic set (plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives)
Dish soap
Dish sponge
Washcloths and towels
Wire coat hanger
BBQ utensils (spatulas, etc)
Hand held broom
Clothes pins
Plastic tablecloth
Citronella candle
Camera and equipment
Power strip
Reservations for campsites
Laundry detergent
Camp chairs
Beach shoes
Tubes (in case we go tubing)
Outdoor toys (frisbee, balls, kite)
Vivian: whistle
Sippy/snack cups
Coffee Thermos 

Steven’s List:


Well, I guess he has the basics.  It looks like I am about to set up camp on the prairie.  All I need is a covered wagon and some horses. 

We are planning on camping at the Grand Canyon two days, Page, AZ two days; Monument Valley, UT two days; and somewhere in Colorado for two days.  Getting excited!