Alexandria City Truck 1301

Upon closer perusal, I note that the truck parked in front of my neighbor’s house periodically is not a regular trash truck.  It appears to be a special trash truck, maybe for special pick ups.  Not sure.  Anyway, they were parked in front of my neighbor’s house today, talking to him.  My neighbor went in and out the house several times and then finally brought the driver a tennis racket.  I noticed them at 11:35, not sure how long they had been there already, and they pulled out at 11:55 a.m.  To his credit, the man sitting in the passenger seat was eating.  Apparently it was HIS lunch break.  Not sure about the driver (he stood outside the truck the whole time he was here, not eating, so can’t say he was on his lunch break), or why they were in front of my neighbor’s house again.  In all fairness, it may be their lunch break and this is where they land.  I sure would like to know, especially after tree limbs and yard waste sitting in front of my house going on five weeks now.

Truck 1301 parked in front of my neighbor's house

The driver of the truck hanging out

 My neighbor is in the doorway

My neighbor on the left talking to the driver, gave him a tennis racket

My neighbor hanging outside the truck door


Four weeks and counting….

This has sat in front of my house for over four weeks.  This past weekend was four weeks exactly.  I believe all grass underneath that pile is thoroughly dead.  Not sure who has been contracted to do it, but they need to get after it.

On another note, my neighbors across the street are friendly with the trash men.  More than once I have seen the trash truck parked in front of their house and the driver outside shooting the breeze on the porch.  I guess what really disheartens me most about it is when I see the trucks on the side of the road, men outside chatting with their friends instead of doing their job, I know it is costing the city money and residents irritation.  I know it is probably a thankless job, but nevertheless, a job. 


***Update:  Now, thanks to this sitting so long, people have taken the liberty to dump chairs, trash and all sorts of other things on top of the limbs.  Argh!

***8/2/10 Five weeks later, it is gone!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking this stuff up!!!!!!

Kitchen Faucet Update


Faucet AFTER

So, I have been begging my husband and my brother, when he would come to visit, to change the ugly kitchen faucet for four years.  Their logic was, we have to send the kitchen sink to Shreveport to be re-enameled and we need to remodel the kitchen anyway, so we will wait until then.  My logic was, I don’t want to look at an ugly decrepit faucet that leaks…I want it fixed NOW.  See, my side makes more sense!  Lol…

I ran across this faucet at Sutherlands on sale and asked my honey to install it.  No telling how long it will be before we can have the sink enameled, and I want a new faucet…NOW!  (I kinda like the all caps NOW it makes me feel like a rebellious toddler 🙂

In order to have the sink re-enameled, we would have to: pull out the cabinets, redo the kitchen floor, reinstall cabinets and new countertops (all the while the sink would be in Shreveport), then reinstall the sink with a new faucet.  I don’t see any of the above happening anytime soon.  We are going to replace the flooring, but we are not replacing cabinets or countertops at this time due to budget constraints (Yes, paying for a second degree can be expensive).  So, the sink will not get pulled up until new countertops are ordered (sometime in the next 100 years).  Armed with the above logic, I was able to strongarm my husband into changing the faucet.  That, and I promised him uninterrupted Xbox play time for as long as he saw fit.  See, there is a story behind EVERYTHING!

Happy Wednesday!


House For Sale 3BR/1.5 Baths


We decided to put Bungalow number 2 up for sale.  I am sure some of you followed its 10 month gut and reno.  If not, you can click on the tag “Bungalow” to see all the before and after.  Anyway, here are the details:

3 bedrooms

1 full bath

1 half bath in the master bedroom

Living Room


Dining Room (which looks more like an office)

Kitchen, with refrigerator and stove less than a year old and under warranty.

Small laundry room in the back with a washer and dryer that is less than a year old and still under warranty.

HUGE backyard

Alarm system

The number one reason to buy this house: close to the BEST neighbors in town! (us!)

1700 sq. feet

ASKING PRICE: $65,000.00

It appraised for $78,000.00 January 2010.

Click here for before and after pictures.

More info to come about when we will be having the open house.